Description of the seminars and workshops:

75 Literacy Centers:(K-3) & (4-6)

“Where children can engage in reading and writing activities.”

This workshop offers practical ideas for use with meaningful literacy center activities. Teachers will learn new ways to engage learners in developmentally appropriate, small group, independent literacy activities. Participants will walk away with ideas, materials, and strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Schedule a “Make & Take” session in your school district after this informative workshop. Minimum 25 participants.

Best Practices in Reading and Writing with English Language Learners:(K-4)

“Helping your ELL students to become better readers and writers.”

This workshop addresses the challenges that face teachers with increase diverse student populations. Also, offering basic principles of instruction for ELL learners. Participants will learn to enhance or modify instruction to include the ELL student.

Teaching Young Writers': (K-4)

This workshop offers teaching strategies and techniques that will enable teachers to guide young “writers” to become confident with their writing. Explore how teacher's best support emerging writers with the use of graphic organizers, personal word walls, mini-lessons, and story frames. Ideas for practical and easily implemented writing “centers” will be presented. This workshop presents the "Writing Workshop" as a step-by-step process with in-depth teaching strategies for each phase of the process. This creative workshop is unique and rich with hands-on activities to improve your students' writing.

*optional “Make & Take”

Robust Vocabulary Instruction: (K-4)

This workshop examines how students acquire vocabulary required for reading success. Teachers will be introduced to the techniques and strategies that effectively enhance oral development through the use of versatile, hands-on classroom activities. Vocabulary games, word walls, vocabulary "centers" and spelling will be addressed in this presentation. Resources in this workshop are sure to make vocabulary instruction “robust” and increase word knowledge for students!

Comprehension Strategies: (3-5)

This workshop will offer comprehension strategies that aim to enhance learning while complementing classroom instruction. Strategies and techniques will be offered that "tap" into the strengths and resources of the intermediate student. Researched-based techniques will enable children to connect meaningfully with text; activate prior knowledge to build important reading comprehension skills. Teachers will come away with practical strategies and ideas that focus on deepening children's understanding of what they are reading.

“Make & Take” a comprehension cube to bring back to your classroom.

Reading Aloud and Shared Reading: (K-2)

Reading Aloud to children has always been an important part of the school day. This workshop takes a closer look at the essential elements of a successful Read Aloud. This workshop focuses on:

Organizing and Managing the 90 Minute Block

This workshop presents the organizational literacy-learning “block” of time utilizing the CORE Reading program purchases by the school district. Utilizing the CORE program, the Guided Reading components with establish “Learning Centers” will be presented. This workshop is customized and prepared specifically for your school district.

Workshop includes a walk-thru, collection of materials used by teachers, presentation and “Make & Take”.

Parent Literacy Workshop for K-4th

Energize parents with literacy activities they can do with their children. This workshop gives parents a “bag of tricks” to bring home to enhance and encourage literacy at home.

Parents will enjoy the fun.

Guided Reading Instruction (k-3)

This workshop is for districts that are just starting the Guided Reading component, with demonstration lessons to help novice teachers begin the process.

Promoting Fluency (K-3)

This workshop takes a closer look at the strategies and techniques for fluency development in grades K-3. With hands-on activities and an optional “Make & Take”.

Integrating Literacy Instruction into the Content Area (K-4)

This workshop uses content-specific text and/or materials to teach reading and writing across the content areas- Social Studies, Science and Math. Using trade books, picture books, magazines and internet sources with differentiated ideas and hands-on activities.